Purchasing Preventatives For Your Pet

It’s that time of year…Spring! Soon it will be 70 degrees, daffodils and tulips will bloom, and outdoor activities will be in full swing. Even our pets will want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors! Unfortunately mosquitoes, fleas and ticks are enjoying the nice weather too- by multiplying! It’s time to stock up on preventatives for your pet.

When it comes to purchasing items for your pet, there are many options. So many that it can make ones head spin! Most clients purchase their pets preventatives and medications from their veterinarian, often when their pet is in for their yearly physical exam or vaccinations. This option offers clients the comfort of knowing they are receiving high quality products, stored in optimal conditions, from an ethical pharmacy and most importantly, they are backed with the manufacturer’s guarantee. What is the importance of a manufacturer’s guarantee? Should your pet contract heartworms while on heartworm prevention, the manufacturer will cover the cost of treatment, which can be costly.

Some clients prefer online shopping and the convenience of having products shipped to their home. This is a good option, but comes with some disadvantages. Preventatives and medications should be kept around room temperature to remain effective, extra time spent in delivery trucks and mailboxes may not always be ideal- especially on extremely hot days. Keep this in mind when ordering products online. If online shopping is the best option for you, careful consideration needs to be given when selecting the online retailer/pharmacy. Not all online pharmacies are ethical and purchase their products from legitimate sources, therefore voiding the manufacturer’s guarantee. If the manufacturer no longer trusts the medications effectiveness, should you?

There are ethical online pharmacies for those that prefer to purchase this way. We have selected Vet’s First Choice as our online pharmacy and have linked them to our own online store. The preventatives and medications are purchased directly from the manufacturer, stored in optimal conditions and are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Purchasing your products directly from us is the preferred method, but if you rather shop online check our our store at gavh.vetsfirstchoice.com.

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