Keep pets indoors on July 4th

Every year many pets are lost or separated from their owners on the 4th of July. Unfortunately this year will be no different,  however you can prevent your own pet from becoming a statistic. Many dogs and cats become frightened when they hear the sound of fireworks and the reverberations that follow, they are much more sensitive to differences in their environment than we are.

Simply leaving pets at home, where they feel safe, is the best thing you can do for you pet on the holiday. Although they may miss out on being at the family picnic or enjoying the park, they will ultimately be more comfortable in the security of their own home.

If you have a pet that becomes anxious during thunderstorms, it is likely your pet will also not enjoy the sound of fireworks. If this is the case, talk to your pet’s veterinarian about what options are available to ensure his or her comfort. We now carry Adaptil and Feliway, pheromones that helps dogs and cats feel more comfortable in their environment and special situations.

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