Change to our Food Selection

Your pet's nutritional needs are an important part of keeping them healthy. In fact, it is so important that we frequently evaluate the selection of diets we stock in the hospital to make sure we are meeting the needs of our patients.

As a result of our recent evaluation, we have made some changes that we wanted to share. We are now offering a variety of Royal Canin diets which include:

Gastrointestinal Fiber Response (Similar to Hill's W/D Dry)

Gastrointestinal Low Fat (Similar to Purina Canine EN)

Renal Support (Similar to Purina NF)

Satiety Support (Similar to Purina OM)

Urinary SO Moderate Calorie (Similar to Hill's C/D & S/D)

Due to limited storage space, we found the need to eliminate some less commonly used and recommended diets. The GOOD NEWS is that most of these diets are available for home delivery at our online store  or directly from Purina and entering our Clinic ID: HNJC7.

Diets we are no longer going to carry in stock include:

Hills Canine Foods- C/D (all options), K/D (27.5# size only), T/D, D/D Canned, S/D Canned, W/D (all DRY sizes), Z/D SMALL cans, Metabolic & Mobility Canned and Dry.

Purina Canine Foods- OM (all options)

Hills Feline Foods- C/D (all options), D/D Canned, S/D Canned & Dry, W/D (all DRY sizes), Y/D Canned & Dry.

Purina Feline Foods- EN Canned, NF Canned & Dry, OM Canned & Dry

We are happy to guide you through this change, please contact us at or 410-224-3800 with any questions.

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