Lifelong Pet Wellness at Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital

Pet Health For Your Pet at Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital

Just like you, we are pet owners. Our pet care staff knows firsthand the importance of reliable and direct consultation from a veterinarian when it comes to keeping your pet healthy. That is why sound recommendations for care at every stage of your pet’s life form the cornerstone of Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital’s comprehensive pet wellness services.

Pet Care For Life

Full-life wellness rests on one simple premise: our pets age differently than we do. In fact, pets age much faster. And to make things more complicated, the rate of that aging always depends heavily on the size, type, and lifestyle your pet enjoys.

After getting to know you and your pet through an initial exam and consultation, our veterinarians will make unique life-stage recommendations for keeping your pet healthy at home and at the vet:

  • Puppies & kittens, being so young and full of life, have special needs when it comes to establishing lifelong health. In addition to providing baseline vaccines, our veterinarians also design easy-to-follow programs of wellness care to fit your animal’s unique physical condition and lifestyle.
  • Senior pets have their own special requirements as well. Somewhere around 7-10 years of age for dogs and 12-14 for cats (give or take depending on your animal’s size and existing health conditions) our pets enter their golden years. With this comes the need for a revised wellness strategy, including monitoring for common senior pet health problems and planning ahead to keep issues from arising.
  • Pet vaccinations are a crucial part of any veterinary wellness plan. But while it is important to make sure every pet is protected from preventable illness, it is also important to vaccinate smartly. We recognize that each animal is unique, and recommend non-core vaccines based on the unique needs of each pet. Click the link above to learn more about pet vaccinations at Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital.

We are excited to work with you to keep your pet healthy for life!

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