Give Your New Puppy or Kitten a Great Start

Puppy & Kitten Care at Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital

Now that you have a new puppy or kitten, Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital wants you to keep him or her happy and healthy. The best way to do this is to start at the beginning with a complete examination.

Ideally, we want you to bring your new pet to see us between the ages of 8 to 12 weeks if he or she comes from a breeder or as soon as possible if you adopt. We will review any vaccinations and discuss your pet’s medical history and expected lifestyle with you. These are the guides we use to develop a protocol of care and vaccinations that we tailor for each pet.

For example, if you are looking forward to taking your new friend to the dog park for socializing, the risk is higher for contracting canine flu or bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough. We would want to include vaccines for these illnesses in the protocol. Lyme disease is a big problem in this area so if your pet will be outdoors, vaccination is very appropriate.

The First Visit for Your Kitten or Puppy

For your new puppy or kitten, the first visit with the veterinarian will be about 40 minutes long. This is double the regular appointment time. We will do a complete physical examination and check a stool sample for parasites.

Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital’s veterinarians will take the time with you to discuss:

  • Obedience training for good manners
  • Pet Vaccines to prevent disease
  • Treatments against internal and external parasites
  • House training and litter box training
  • Veterinary Surgery to spay or neuter
  • Pet Insurance
  • Proper Pet Nutrition
  • Aggression and other undesirable behaviors
  • Socializing your new pet with other family members

We will help you schedule follow-up appointments to complete the vaccination series.

Good Pet Nutrition

It is so important to make sure your new pet starts out life with appropriate nutrition. Obesity can make your pet feel bad and cause other health and joint issues. It can also shorten his or her life by a couple of years. We stress the importance of proper nutrition and will give you tips to develop good eating and exercise habits now that will enhance your pet’s good condition and help maintain a healthy weight for his or her whole life.

As your puppy or kitten grows and matures, the regular visits he or she has come to expect will continue. Throughout your pet’s life, Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital’s veterinarians will work with you to tailor programs of Adult Wellness and Senior Wellness to help enhance your long and happy friendship.

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