At the End of Your Pet’s Life: Pet Loss Support & Resources

Pet Loss Support from Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital

The entire staff of Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital appreciates your need for compassion at this time of change and transition. Because a pet is such an important member of the family, caring for them and the people who love them at this difficult time requires special attention and empathy. We have books and literature available that will give you more information or we can refer you to additional grief counseling options.

We will do everything to keep your pet comfortable at the end of his or her life. Our veterinarians will counsel you as needed, helping you to make the decisions that are right for you and your pet. If you decide on humane euthanasia, you may choose to be with your pet. When possible we recommend deciding on final arrangements in advance, that way you are prepared when the time comes. To help you in your decision process we have some estimates below on our services, the final cost will depend on your pet’s weight.

  • Humane Euthanasia $121 - $166
  • Communal Cremation (cremains are not returned) $56 - $99
  • Private Cremation* (cremains are returned in a wood urn with engraved nameplate) $229 - $329
    *additional charge for pets weighing over 125 lbs, please call for pricing

Even though this can be a difficult time, our staff will help you celebrate the life of your pet. A very popular memento we can make for you is a paw print, an impression of your pet’s paw in clay. Locks of hair from long-haired pets like Shelties or golden retrievers can also be provided as a physical remembrance. You will have a forever keepsake of your beloved family member free of charge.

Depending on your preference, arrangements for either a private or communal cremation of your precious pet will be made with Greenlawn Valley Pet Cemetery and Crematory.

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