Pet Boarding for Your Cat or Dog

Pet Boarding at Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital

Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital offers high-quality boarding for dogs and cats. Whether you have to be out of town overnight or for an extended period of time, your pet will be happy and well cared for here. All pets are required to be current on vaccinations, if your pet needs vaccinations prior to admittance we will be happy to schedule an office visit with one of our veterinarians. Dogs are required to be current with Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella and Canine Influenza. Cats are required to be current with Rabies, Distemper and a recent Leukemia/FIV test.

Our kennel is staffed 24 hours a day for your pet’s comfort. All of our runs and cages are indoors and temperature controlled so that pets will be comfortable in any type of weather. Our staff will take your dog outside to be walked one-on-one through a beautiful nature trail on our property. It is fully fenced and we keep pets on the leash. All pets get a great deal of personalized care.

What to Pack When Boarding Your Pet

Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital will supply soft bedding, food, and most medications for your pet. Runs and cages are scrubbed every day and bedding is washed frequently so that we can keep everything clean and odor free. Don’t worry—your pet will be very comfortable with us.

If you prefer to bring your pet’s own food, please package it in individual bags labeled for each day of boarding. The label should include your pet’s name, your last name, type of food, and amount per feeding.

If your pet is taking a medication that we do not keep in stock, we ask that you bring it with you. Please make sure it is clearly labeled and only bring the amount necessary for the stay. The label should include your pet’s name, your last name, type and strength of medication, and dosing directions. There is an administration fee for giving medications while boarding.

Please allow approximately 15 minutes when admitting your pet into the kennel, this time will allow us to review paperwork with you and discuss guest activities.

Activities for our Guests


What dog doesn't love special attention? For an additional fee we offer fun, one on one playtime sessions to fit your dog needs. During the 20 minute session, your dog will enjoy lots of personal attention with off-leash playtime in our double enclosed and shaded play yard, an extended walk in our nature trail and a delectable treat. Playtime activities are weather dependant and cannot be promised every day. We supply all the fun, toys and treats! Please inform our staff if your pet has special dietary needs and what type of activities your pooch prefers.


For an additional fee our feline friends have a few options while staying with us too! Choose from the following options to make the most of your kitties stay.

  • Kitty Condos offer our feline guests a two-room enclosure, one room for the litter pan and one for feeding with a bunk area for sleeping. We have a limited number of condos; please reserve in advance when scheduling your reservation.
  • Cats need cuddle time too! You can choose a 15-minute play time session which will include one on one play, brushing and lots of love. Your kitty will also enjoy a delicious treat with each session. Maximum of one session per day. When scheduling your reservation, please advise our staff what type of activities your kitty prefers.

Medical Pet Boarding

If your pet needs extra medical attention, we can arrange for medical boarding for a small extra fee. Our veterinarians will review your pet’s medical history and check your pet every day. Medical boarding is advised for diabetic and senior pets with several medical conditions.

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