Pet Dental Care for Optimal Health

Pet Dental Care at Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital

Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital knows that good oral and dental care are very important to your pet’s good health. A regular regimen of care for the teeth and gums can reduce the risk of health problems and dramatically extend the life of your pet. Your pet’s mouth may be thoroughly checked for:

  • Tartar and calculus build up
  • Gingivitis
  • Fractured teeth
  • Abscesses
  • Damage to enamel
  • Tumors or excessive gingival tissue
  • Correct bite

We will make recommendations to maintain or improve oral health. Your pet might need a professional cleaning, or prophylaxis, for his teeth. More brushing, chew toys, dental treats, or an oral rinse added to the drinking water may be recommended. We’ll show you how to brush your pet’s teeth and may make other recommendations that can keep the teeth cleaner.

Prophylaxis: Cleaning Your Pet’s Teeth is Part of a Regular Routine

Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital recommends regular prophylaxis to help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. The timing of these procedures depends on your individual pet’s needs and breed. For example, Shelties and Yorkies are known to have more problems with their teeth and need more frequent visits, while labs can go longer between dental exams.

We will perform pre-anesthetic blood tests before your pet is placed under anesthesia, whether we are performing a cleaning or extraction. Pre-op sedatives and anesthesia will make sure that your pet will has no anxiety and remains immobile for the procedure. Your pet’s heart rate, temperature, and blood oxygen level will be monitored throughout the procedure. The teeth will be ultrasonically scaled (removing tartar and calculus), flushed, and finally polished.

Because we can do a more thorough exam while your pet is under general anesthesia, we will look carefully for broken or loose teeth and gum disease. If gingivitis is diagnosed, we may apply HESKA™ Periodontal Disease Therapeutic, which is a topical long-lasting antibiotic application. This can help prevent or delay tooth loss.

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